Two Stroke

The two cycle motor is elegant and simple. With only three moving parts, incredible power is produced from a low weight assembly. This high power to weight ratio is very successful in the motor sports arena.

The expansion chamber is the most tunable component on the modern two cycle engine and dramatic gains in power can be achieved with the correct design.

The arrangement of the intake and exhaust ports in a two cycle engine affords a unique opportunity to use the exhaust system to influence the intake sequence. For 180 degrees or more of crank shaft rotation, the intake and exhaust systems are open to one another allowing the expansion chamber to redirect the energy in the exhaust to effect the intake system. This process not only scavenges the cylinder but also draws more fresh mixture through the motor than the swept volume would normally allow, effectively supercharging the motor.

At NPP we start off with a pipe design that is based on a combination of the customer's particular engine specifications and the motors primary focus whether it be: race, play, high altitude, or endurance. This pipe design is then verified on our in-house dynamometer, fit to your particular chassis using the method of sectioned cones, which results in a final product that has a unique "works" look.

Four Stroke

Four strokes are the future of performance in motor sports. Increases in power and reductions in weight are making four stroke technologies increasingly attractive in most racing venues.

As four stroke technologies evolve we are seeing exponential increases in RPM. This amplifies the importance of the flow characteristics in the motor which makes a properly designed and constructed exhaust system increasingly more critical.

With the use of stepped headers, venturi merge collectors and megaphone link pipes, NPP develops exhaust systems that take advantage of the modern four strokes ever increasing valve overlap. As a result, NPP provides the client with a custom combination that makes incredible peak power without disrupting the power curve underneath.

All NPP systems are constructed with careful attention to performance, durability and aesthetics.